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This weather site has been created exclusively using free and open source software:

dwt: Davis Weather Tool

A C command line program for UNIX/Linux systems that reads data packets from a Vantage Pro console or Weather Envoy. Outputs data using printf style format specifiers. Can be combined with MRTG or RRDTool to produce graphs.

Requires a WeatherLink for Vantage Pro data logger. Tested with Rev. B LOOP packets

Download dwt.c  Size: 28KB  License: GPL   WeatherLink protocol specifications 95KB TXT

dwt COMMAND PARAMS [options]

       FRMT    +FORMAT    Output formatted observation fields as defined in format string 
       TAGS               List observation tags used for format string
       LIST               List all observation fields
       GETTIME            Display time of receiver
       SETTIME            Set time of receiver to that of PC
       TEST               Test communications
       WRD                Display weather station type
       VER                Display firmware version
       RXCHECK            Display receiver statistics

      -s tty     Specify alternate serial port
      -r num     Repeat FRMT command 'num' times
      -d delay   Delay after FRMT command, valid if -r option used

Units can be specified in after the tag, {TAG[/UNIT]}.  If no units are specified, default in metric.
      Speed:  KPH, MPH, MPS
Temperature:  FAH, CEL
   Pressure:  HPA, IHG
       Rain:  MIL, INC, CLK

# dwt FRMT "+%.1{OUT_TEMP}  %{OUT_HUMIDITY}\n" 
10.8  68

# dwt FRMT "+%.1{OUT_TEMP/FAH}  %{OUT_HUMIDITY}\n"
51.4  68 

# dwt TAGS

               TAG  :  DESCRIPTION

            IN_TEMP :  Indoor temperature
        IN_HUMIDITY :  Indoor humidity
           OUT_TEMP :  Outdoor temperature
       OUT_HUMIDITY :  Outdoor humidity
          DEW_POINT :  Dewpoint
         WIND_CHILL :  Wind Chill
         HEAT_INDEX :  Heat Index
          BAROMETER :  Barometer
     WIND_DIRECTION :  Wind Direction
        WIND_DEGREE :  Wind Degree
         WIND_SPEED :  Wind Speed
         RAIN_TODAY :  Rain today
         RAIN_MONTH :  Rain month
          RAIN_YEAR :  Rain year
            SUNRISE :  Sunrise
             SUNSET :  Sunset

# dwt LIST

 Indoor temperature :  19.7      
    Indoor humidity :  37        
Outdoor temperature :  13.6      
   Outdoor humidity :  54        
           Dewpoint :  4.6      
         Wind Chill :  13.6      
         Heat Index :  13.6      
          Barometer :  1009.7    
     Wind Direction :  N         
        Wind Degree :  357       
         Wind Speed :  3         
         Rain today :  0.0       
         Rain month :  41.1      
          Rain year :  65.3      
            Sunrise :  736       
             Sunset :  1710      

Receiver time currently - 12:34:43 28-6-2004

settime: Time set to  12:34:48 28-6-2004

# dwt TEST


# dwt WRD
Davis Weather Station Type : Vantage Pro

# dwt VER

Jan  8 2003


17796 335 0 729 67